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Thank you for choosing Adept Bail Bonds.  Our goal is to familiarize you with the bail system, and effectively securing the release of someone from jail. For immediate help, please feel free to contact us 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at (704) 659-3757.  For those who are searching for a bail bond company, or just want to learn more about the bail process you should also feel free to contact us. 
Our professional team of bail agents understands that, Good people oftentimes experience bad situations.” We can assist you and/or the person in jail, by reuniting the two, in a timely manner. 

Although our main office is located in Charlotte, Adept Compliance Incorporated is committed to bringing you our services throughout any county in North Carolina State.
Facts, Answers, Questions:
What is a Bail Bond?
Bail Bond is divided into two segments.  Bail is the security required for the release of a person from jail and/or correctional facility. A Bond is the legal binding obligation assumed by the people who post bail.  Basically, Adept Compliance Incorporated insures the defendants’ appearance in court until the final disposition of his/her case. Once the underwriting and indemnification of the bail bond is completed,a bail agent will present the bond to the court of proper jurisdiction. The bond will be posted and the indemnitors will be directed on how and approximately when the defendant will be released.

How much will I end up paying for the bond?
The premium and/or collateral amounts depend on the amount of the bond.
For a free consultation call (704) 659-3757,
or reach out to any of our office locations and we will be more than happy to help..

What should I bring?
  • Photo ID – current and valid
  • Proof of address (utility or electric bill or recent tax return)

Make sure to check with one of our bail administrators that you have all the necessary documentation for your specific case.
To obtain a certified copy of your deed, call information in your county, for the County Clerk’s Office


What are the types of acceptable collateral?
  • CASH – How much? Depends on the bail amount. Certified Check and/or Money Order.
  • PROPERTY – The DEED to a home, along with supporting documents to prove equity and good standing.
  • BUSINESS – A business certificate, financial statement and recent bank statement are needed.
  • SAVINGS – Passbooks, CD and Stock Options.
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